Place Between our Bodies, The

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"Michael Wallin's THE PLACE BETWEEN OUR BODIES, produced in 1975, offers an uncommonly explicit exploration of gay male sexuality, still raw and affecting more than ten years down the sex-radical road." - Elizabeth Pincus, Gay Community News, Boston 1988

"THE PLACE BETWEEN OUR BODIES (1975) seems to come from another planet, another epoch, in its frank and tender extrapolation of gay sexual hunger and the kindling of a first relationship. The film is stridently pre-AIDS - much more so than any mid-'70s porno. This is partly because it is a personal film that discusses sexual hunger and love in a context that endows them with transcendent powers .... Sexual love overcomes the light of gay alienation and sexual hunger. And that is what begins to turn the film around, so that its most beautiful moments become its most painful. Wallin's indescribable expression during orgasm, and the enveloping tenderness with which he (unsafely) fucks his boyfriend, left me chilled with sadness barely discernible beneath the usual tough-skinned attempt - on my part, on everyone's - to endure." - Todd Haynes, Afterimage, 1988

Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, NY, 1976; MIX NYC: NY Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival, 1988; Chicago Int'l Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 1989; LA Int'l Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 1989; London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 1991.

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