Black Sheep Boy

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A rumination of desire, the construction of sexual fantasy, obsession, the yearning for connection, the allure of the younger man, the pursuit of the idealized other, its rewards and pitfalls. Erotic, playful, perhaps disturbing; many questions are raised, few are answered.

"Like lyrical segments of Genet's Chant D'Amour, the scenes of guys undressing in BLACK SHEEP BOY are refreshingly unencumbered by a plot. Instead, a man's voice serves as the guiding consciousness of the film as he describes his fetishizing of these youths, admitting that he is after a fantasy, not a reality. ... The beauty of this film goes beyond the visual splendor of youth. Wallin's technique preserves multiple takes of the same subject: this stuttering tempo, combined with bursts of flash and the candid quality of the posing, gives the film a rough, underground look that's very appealing and appropriate to its grunge milieu. ... Because the soundtrack is independent of the visuals, Wallin is able to make some good sonic jokes, such as a nifty popping sound whenever a guy undoes that first button of his jeans. BLACK SHEEP BOY celebrates that uncorking with eroticism, philosophy and poetry." - Roberto Friedman, Bay Area Reporter

Exhibition: SF Int'l Lesbian & Gay Film Festival; Vancouver Lesbian & Gay Film/Video Festival; LA Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; Austin Gay and Lesbian Int'l Film Festival; Chicago Lesbian and Gay Int'l Film Festival; MIX NYC: NY Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival.

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