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This is a hand-painted step-printed collaboration between Phil Solomon and Stan Brakhage.

"concrescence, principle of As a term from A.N. Whitehead's metaphysics refers to the drive things possess that impel them to actualization, the creative urge towards concrescence, for producing novel advances through the generation of greater interrelatedness. Many thinkers would deem this urge divine, so the principle of concrescence may be considered one of Whitehead's terms for God." - Bruce Elder

"'Concrescence' is the name for the process in which the universe of many things acquires an individual unity in a determinate relegation of each item of the 'many' to its subordination in the constitution of the novel 'one' ....

"... An actual occasion is analysable. The analysis discloses operations transforming entities which are individually alien, into components of a complex which is concretely one. The term 'feeling' will be used as the generic description of such operations. We thus say that an actual occasion is a concrescence effected by a process of feelings." - A.N. Whitehead, Process & Reality

Collection: Museum of Modern Art, NY

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