Parallel Space: Inter-View

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Originally 35mm.

PARALLEL SPACE: INTER-VIEW was made using a still camera. The photograph produced by a 35mm camera corresponds exactly to the size of two film frames. If the negative of a photograph is projected sideways, two film frames are seen: first the upper and then the lower half of the original photographic image is projected. Its temporal and spatial unity disintegrates into pieces which then start corresponding with each other.

"Photographic processes - the material transformations involved in recording, developing, printing, and in the case of film, projecting function as metaphors for psychological processes. What Tscherkassky does is to take various tropes of '60s structural filmmaking (derived from Landow, Kubelka, Frampton, Gehr and Sharits) and run them through a Lacanian psychoanalytic sieve. In both form and psychological content, PARALLEL SPACE is deeply reflexive."
- Amy Taubin, "Flash Floods: PARALLEL-SPACE: INTER-VIEW"

Awards: First Prize, Experimental Film, South Beach Film Festival, Miami,

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