Furies, The

Orestes likes to spend his lunch hour at the Park by the Raritan River. One day he feels a strange presence during his daily promenade - as if someone or something was following him. He is not mistaken. Having walked down a different path, he had disturbed the hibernating female phantoms that haunt the River. They awaken and begin to pursue him. The leader, Electra, pursues closest and piques Orestes' interest. ... Electra desires Orestes and his mortality and continues to track him until she confronts him again at a nearby house. However, this house has been occupied by the other three Furies, who force Orestes to turn on, or rather extinguish, Electra. ... The Furies pursue and capture Orestes and order him to drown himself in the River.

THE FURIES is a modern dress reworking of Aeschylus' classical play entitled The Eumenides. THE FURIES is recounted in silent film form with ambient sounds and vocalizations punctuating a musical soundtrack. Influenced by Abel Gance's three-screen Napoleon, Don Siegal's The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Jean-Paul Sartre's The Flies and Alain Robbe-Grillet's The Immortal One, THE FURIES transforms these literary and cinematic threads into a modern parable.