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Noema is philosopher Husserl's term for "the meaning of an object that is formed in the domain of consciousness." Pornographic videos are mined for the unerotic moments between moments, when the actors are engaging in an awkward change of position or when the camera pans meaningfully away from the urgent mechanisms of sex up to a cheap painting on the wall or the distant embers of a crackling fire. A piercing musical score loops endlessly throughout, and the repetitive and curious iterations of movement become furtive searches for meaning within their own blandness.

"A Decameron-like tournament of missing links and coitus interruptus form a daisy chain of synchronized decouplings - porno unplugged." - Mark McElhatten & Gavin Smith, New York Film Festival

"In just under 10 minutes, Scott Stark finds in the busy-ness of the naked, often disembodied shapes of bodies a rhythm and finally a grace .... NOEMA reins the indifferent work of sex and whips it with an aestheticism not far from Maya Deren's Study in Choreography for Camera." - Edward E. Crouse, The San Francisco Bay Guardian

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