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Production, script, camera, editing, sound recording and composition by Andrej Zdravic.

Through the liquid lens of crystalline water we perceive, perhaps for the first time, the magical underwater world of turquoise volumes, flying bubbles, pulsating sun membranes, dancing stones .... Four years in the making, RIVERGLASS is not a documentary about the river Socca. It is a poetic river ballet to the music of natural sounds.

RIVERGLASS is the result of the author's everlasting fascination with the forces of movement in nature that contain universal principles of life and a great potential for a new, different kind of narrative cinema. Socca flows in the Julian Alps, Slovenia. The author devised a special tool to capture the river from unique, as yet unseen perspectives.

Awards: Preseren Fund Award, Slovenia, 1999; Grand Prix, Third Int'l Festival of New Film & Video, Split '98; Best Art Video, First Slovenian Film Festival, 1998.

Note: Contains some material used in Secrets of Socca - Time Horizon installation. - A.Z.

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