Lion and the Zebra Make God's Raw Jewels, The

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

This film is a hand-painted combination of shapes which suggest, as appropriately colored, jungle, open veldt, horizontals of grasses, shag-shape yellow of lion's mane, the black & white stripes of the zebra, the eyes, the teeth, the tearing open into raw blood-red meat and curve of bone. Nonetheless the film is in no sense an animation work but rather a collection of mostly un-nameable shapes which gather round this recognizable iconography and visually dominate the image which repeats its, thus, ephemeral chase-and-catch increasingly closer, finally obliterating all but the "jewels," the multiple coloring, referred to in the title.

***Please note those films designated by 18fps may also be shown at 24fps: I am in all cases designating a preference, not an absolute; and some of the SONGS (such as 23rd PSALM BRANCH: PART I and PART II) are, I think, better at the faster speed - they were, after all, made in Regular 8mm to be shown on variable-speed projectors. - Stan Brakhage

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