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With Andrew Noren and Margaret Lamarre.

"REVERBERATION is a textured slowing, hollowing and placing. The sound-image relationship is one of the most intense I've experienced: the sound has a mass, it's continuous, rough edged. This thick black and white flecking is equaled by a rocky grainy image (of bas-relief not of planes or roundedness). An equation of tone and light is hinted at by constant transformations. Moments, movements are slowed, weighty, solemn yet the film has a beautiful 'However': one sees and hears the whirling atoms beneath the images of streets, buildings, people. These images constitute perhaps a story, a portrait, a looking at, a making of a film of a friend and his friend by their friend."
- Michael Snow

"I remember seeing REVERBERATION for the second time at a showing at which it immediately followed a projection of Vigo's Zero de Conduite. I think it's generally agreed that Vigo is one of the masters of the world cinema, and I can only say that my immediate reaction was that Gehr's film was in many ways the stronger of the two. REVERBERATION is one of the most rigorous examples I know of that growing body of film that sets out to examine materials in such a way that the 'phenomenon' under consideration finally glows with the grace of a lucid quality of observation which lifts us into the realm of quite genuine 'illumination' at the same time that it asserts ever more forcefully the pre-eminence of the simple 'being-thereness' of the materials under the camera-eye."
- Richard Foreman

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