Outer Space

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / 35mm film

"A young woman, night, an American feature film. She enters a house, a dark corridor, a thriller. While she forces her way into an unknown space together with the viewer, the cinematographic image-producing processes go off the rails. The rooms telescope into each other, become blurred, while the crackling of the cuts and the background noise - the sound of the film material itself - becomes louder and more penetrating.

"The pace becomes frenetic, the woman is being pursued by invisible opponents, pushed against a mirror, walls of glass burst, furniture tilts and the cinematographic apparatus which the heroine begins to attack in blind fury also collapses. The images jump and stutter, the perforation holes tilt into the picture, the sound track implodes in a will o' the wisp destruction scenario - something which only film can do so powerfully. In ten minutes OUTER SPACE races through the unsuspected possibilities of cinematographic errors - a masterpiece."
- Stephan Grissemann

Most Innovating Film at the National Film Festival Diagonale 1999 (Austria)
Audience Award Best Film of the Festival at Cinematexas 1999, Austin (USA)
Gecko Jury Award for Best Short Film at Cinematexas 1999, Austin (USA)
Most Innovating Animation Film at the International Festival for Dokumentary
and Animation Film 1999, Leipzig (Germany)
Bronze Award at the New York Expo of Short Film & Video 1999 (USA)
Juror's Choice Award at Black Maria Film/Video Festival 1999 (USA)
Golden Spire Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival 2000 (USA)
Jury Grand Prize at the Media City Festival of Experimental Film and Video
Art 2000, Windsor (Canada)
Prize for Best Sound Design at the Ann Arbor Festival 2000 (USA)
Second Prize at L'immagine leggera 2000, Palermo (Italy)
Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival 2000 (USA)
Honourable Mention at the Seattle International Film Festival 2000 (USA)
Special Prize of the Projectionists at the Short Film Festival Bamberg 2000 (Germany)
Grand Prize of the Festival at the International Film Festival Split 2000
Second Prize of the Jury at the International Short Film Festival 2000, Uppsala (Sweden)
Silver Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival 2000 (USA)
The Kinofilm Award For Innovation/Runner Up at the 5th Manchester
International Short Film and Video Festival 2000 (GB)
Best Experimental Film at the Nashville Independent Film Festival 2001 (USA)
Elected as "Film of the Year 1999" by the weekly city-magazine "Falter" (Vienna)
Elected position 5 at Daniel Kothenschulte's "Top 10 of 1999"-ranking in
"Steadycam" (Germany)
Elected position 3 at St├ęphane Delorme's "Les 10 films 2000"-ranking in
"Cahiers du Cinema" (France)
Elected position 5 at Gavin Smith's "Films Of The Year 2000"-ranking in
"Film Comment" (USA)

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