Smell of Burning Ants, The

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THE SMELL OF BURNING ANTS is a haunting account of the pains and trauma of growing up male. In a layered and non-didactic way, it details the process of emotional death many boys suffer as they are socialized to become men. The inner and outer cruelties that boys perpetrate and endure are evocatively presented. Rather than glorifying and romanticizing boyhood, this film opens up wounds to let the poisons out.

Awards (23, including): Grand Prize, Hamburg Int'l Short Film Festival; Best of Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival; First Prize, Short Films at the Locarno Int'l Film Festival; First Prize, Film, Viper Int'l Film & Video Festival; First Place, Film, Athens Int'l Film and Video Festival; Best of Festival, Humboldt Film Festival; Best Experimental Film, Melbourne Int'l Film Festival; Best Experimental Film, Sinking Creek Film Festival; Best Experimental Film, Big Muddy Film Festival; Best Documentary, Tampere Short Film Festival.

Exhibition (selected): Sundance Film Festival; London Film Festival; Hong Kong Film Festival; Cracow Film Festival; S?o Paulo Int'l Short film Festival.

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