Rental Format(s): 16mm film

This hand-painted and elaborately step-printed work (involving Positives and Negatives of original painted source material in combination, as well as superimpositions filmed at 24 fps and 48 fps) is a very organic be-seeming darkly colored work (blood and rust reds mixed with off-greens), as if microscopic images of connective (and other) cells and/or threads of internal muscles were caught in a 'dance' (i.e. contrapuntal varieties-of-rhythm increasingly coordinated) ultimately suggestive of sex. The forms of the work also vaguely metaphor male and female exterior nudity coupling.

The evolution of the work is almost purely rhythmic as increased tempos, in ever more complex interaction, evolve to coordinated climax and brief aftermath.

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16mm film $25.00  

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