Quarry Movie

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This movie began as an attempt to document a place...not only its image as lensed, but its weather, its soil, and its toxins. Ten filmmakers fanned out over the landscape, seeing it through twenty eyes. In the avant-garde tradition of messing with the surface (the 'environmental film' has been around in various incarnations for years - e.g. silt), the film documents this place outside of the camera as well. The organisms in the water and the soil have made their marks on it; the water's physical erosion acts upon the image; even the leached metals in this exhausted quarry pit's waters can be seen in the chemicals used to process the film. The idea in the QUARRY MOVIE was not to use techniques to achieve a 'look,' but rather to achieve a presence, and then see what it looks like. QUARRY MOVIE comes out of a fruitful combination of documentary and event garde interests. Screenings: New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, San Francisco Cinematheque

New print available 2023: Restored by the Academy Film Archive

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