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A video trilogy of "Camera, Monitor, Frame", "Observer/Observed", and "Observer/Observed/ Observer" is to create a semiology of video as a video work rather than a written text.

The main aim is a study of the structural relationships of video and language using English. Based on the feedback system of video, I assigned the system into the relation of the observer and the observed using the words as "I" and "YOU". What I am concerned is the structure of "seeing" involved for both the observer and the observed as in a sentence of "I see you", which is posited by the closed-circuit system of video. The video is the remake of 1975-76 version in shorter length without changing the concept. The CD-ROM version is a multimedia piece combining with text (English and Japanese), graphics and CG animation in addition to video. Hybrid for Mac/ Window.

"In fact, Takahiko Iimura isn't really a theoretician, if we mean by that his theory could be shown for itself, separate from the object. On the contrary, object and theory are mutually activated, or even interpenetrated without obstruction. One could say in this sense that Kegon Buddhism's logic, long ago apprenticed to John Cage by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, grows in depth - a depth not reached by Nam-June Paik's TV-Buddha- in Iimura's art."
- Daniel Charles, philosopher, author of John Cage.

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