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Televised footage of the Rodney King/Reginald Denny beatings is re-presented as an extended series of hand-processed images that slowly dissolve from recognizable beings into anonymous figures. As each generation of images becomes increasingly distressed, King and Denny are revealed as victims of the same moving pictures that originally captured their innocence.

The mutual disintegration of filmic and racial color is illustrated through a broad range of photo-chemical manipulations, including: negative and cross-process developing; solarization; and temperature and agitation-based effects on grain, color, and emulsion. Suburban and natural sound elements rise and fade with each generation of images.

Exhibition: Rotterdam International Film Festival; Ann Arbor Film Festival, MI; Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Telluride International Experimental Cinema Exposition, CO; Image Movement Cinematheque, Taipei, China; Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo, NY; San Francisco Cinematheque; Singapore International Film Festival; Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival; Splice This Super 8 Film Festival, Toronto, Canada; Video Ex Festival, Zurich, Switzerland; The Lab, San Francisco, CA; Global 8 Day, Switzerland; Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA; Super Super 8 World Tour (USA, Europe, Japan).

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