Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Musicians: Michael Zerang, Zena Parkins, Nancy Andrews, Blair Thomas, and Ken Klehm.

Leaving home for the first time is an experience which sets the course for the rest of our lives. We set off to examine the world unclouded by the views of our families, and unprotected we are forced to find strength and independence. Parachute follows a young woman as she navigates this rite of passage. She overcomes solitude and adversity in an attempt to find a comfortable way through city full of strangers. In this constructed world of paper animated on layers of glass, time and space fluidly shift and narratives reflect and overlap. Both frenetic and lyrical, this piece is inspired by the world of puppetry and theater design...

Exhibition and award: Guggenheim Museum, Walker Art Center, Pacific Film Archive, First Place Cinema Texas, Second Place Iowa Independent Film Festival, Ann Arbor, Trickfilm Festival, Ottawa International Festival of Animation.

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