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Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Chuck Hudina. Sound: Charley Ray, Richard Bloes, Rachel Wohl; Labwork and mix: Steve Henke; Assistance: Franklin Miller, Chris Brennamen.

Howie, a 70-year-old alcoholic and ex-sailor, sums up his life in the following terms: "Travel and drink, drink and travel, that's all I've ever done." The film HOWIE redefines its subject in terms of the present, documenting Howie's two-year hiatus in a small college town, his confrontations with the townspeople, and his relationship with the filmmaker. A fusion of narrative and documentary, HOWIE neither romanticizes its subject nor regards it as a specimen for analysis, but emerges as an expression of caring and a restitution of dignity.

Awards: First Prize for Documentary, Athens Int'l Film Festival, Ohio, 1978; Big Muddy Film Festival, 1979; Global Village Documentary Festival, 1980.

Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, NY, 1978

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