Persian Series, The 13-18

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

PERSIAN SERIES #13 is a series of extremely dark images, mostly in purples, greens, and fiery red-orange-yellows, shifting one to another in displays of textured shapes which suggest a thick tangle weave of threads.

PERSIAN SERIES #14 is composed of muted color-shapes shifting variably in juxtaposition and contrast with high-contrast black & white abstract patterns.

PERSIAN SERIES #15 is a rapid shift of patterns black & white playing off against muted coils of color.

PERSIAN SERIES #16 is an even MORE exaggerated contrast of color and black-&-white patterning.

PERSIAN SERIES #17 is a series of quite distinct globules of paint brilliantly colored and shifting as if vertically in the plane (as different from the more horizontally oriented previous parts.

PERSIAN SERIES #18 is almost calligraphic in its overlays of dark (occasionally colored) glyphs backed by brilliant color motifs.

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16mm film $40.00  

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