Rental Format(s): 16mm film

ROUNDS is a hand-painted film composed of a series of film loops printed in such a fashion (bi-packed and combined with careful irregularity) that, while there is a feeling of repetitive (sic) familiarity, no actual example of specific repetition is easily seeable. The colored abstract forms seem as if figures at a carnival and/or sometimes as if 'on stage': thus their actions are, then, particularly theatrical. When they most appear recognizable as the shapes of paint, which they are, these events seem the dramatics of the Abstract Expressionist movement - i.e. dramatically gestural. The film begins with blues and reds, occasionally yellows, and very occasionally limned by greens - these played off against clear white spaces or stark blacks. Gradually the film resolves its 'color keys' to an amalgamation of rapid intermix and balance of the four key tones midst darks and lights, eventually overwhelmed by a film-flare of yellows at end.

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16mm film $55.00  

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