Red Stockings and Cross Cut--A Blue Movie

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"By 1968, Huot had begun to use photographic imagery, fusing his continuing concern with minimalism and an interest in the erotic. RED STOCKINGS is a demonstration of the power of a single frame of photographic imagery. Except for one frame, the entire three-minute film is a continuous, uniform red which creates a variety of afterimages and other optical illusions. When the lone frame flashes by halfway through the film, the imagery is difficult to identify, but it has a somewhat erotic quality which, when I first saw the film, sent me to the rewind. I scanned the red until I located the frame and discovered an image of a naked female crotch. The title clarifies the erotic joke, which, however, exists only if the viewer is willing to examine the film closely enough to be sure of what is there." - Scott MacDonald, The Films of Robert Huot: 1967-1972, Quarterly Review of Film Studies, Summer 1980

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