Surface Noise

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Sound montage created by A. Child with additional recording by musicians Zeena Parkins (synthesizer), Christian Marclay (turntables), Shelley Hirsch (vocals), and Jim Black (drums).

Found footage exploring public and private space, organized formally as a sonata, centered around work and issues of class: the divisions between home and public, owners and workers, saturation and flow, structure and improvisation.

"endearingly scrappy" - Ed Halter, New York Press, October 2000

"both disorienting and seductive..." - Shelley Bancroft, South End News, 2000

"Child decomposes the gestures that would compose us. The films are charged with a startling and playful musicality and a poetic and rigorous compression... With vigorous acuity these films seek to reterritorialize the elements of film. They call into question the structures of narrative, power and gender, testing the ways in which we assimilate information and navigate through history and memory." - Mark McElhattan, Curator New York Film Festival

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