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Wot the Ancient Sod

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Effects of the sun move through the turning autumn leaves. Forces are in transition; the drama of ceaseless minute interactions. All of this light and life that goes into making up the earth, the
ground, the sod.

"Diane Kitchen's new tour-de-force creates a stream of intimate portraits of leaves dancing in the sun's light."
- Steve Anker

"Wot the Ancient Sod seemed an incredible achievement to me. Exquisite, refined and beautifully realized - a work of great maturity that never once faltered. And courageous in its simplicity of means and straightforwardness, no trickery or showing off, just great filmmaking all the way."
- Fred Worden

Xenon-balanced print available upon request

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16mm film $65.00  

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