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Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Entirely hand-processed and hand-painted. This film evokes a series of fantasy maps and visited imaginary 'sites'. The process of the film can be interpreted as the content of the film, but metaphorically it depicts the impossibility of concretely mapping disease in the human body.

Running Time: 10 Minutes
Format: 16mm, Color, Sound (Tungston & Xenon prints available)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33
Year: 1999, USA

Selected Screenings:
1998 Work in Progress screening with live music at Context, NYC: Susie Ibarra (dr.), Assif Tsahar (reeds), William Parker (bass/cello).
1999 MIXNYC Anthology Film Archives
2000 San Francisco Cinematheque
2003 Cinematheque Ontario
1999 Chicago Filmmakers
2000 The Art Institute of Chicago, Gene Siskel Film Centre


"Some of the most beautiful chemically treated images I've ever seen." Stan Brakhage, Postcard, April 2001. (Referencing Sans Titre, The Shape of the Gaze and Site Visit.)

"Just as foregrounding the means of production became and important tactic for deconstructing essentialist representations of women in early feminist counter-cinema, Carpenter has used the techniques of surface manipulation and optical printing in her own work to problematize the cinematic construction of gender." Mary Slaughter, The Journal of Film and Video, vol. 54, no.1, Spring 2002. (Referencing Site Visit.)

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