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Camera: Hilary Harris. Performer: Amy Greenfield

Premiere: Toulon Festival Of Young Cinema, Toulon and Paris.
Featured; The Whitney Museum of American Art "The Color Of Ritual The Color Of Thought: Women Avant-Garde Filmmakers In America, 1930-2000

An avant-garde classic. Turning herself into moving sculpture, " Greenfield rolls and seethes and plunges in a field of mud, her hair, her face not just slathered with mud but become part of it."
- Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

Like female artists in other forms - Tina Mendotta, Carolee Schneeman, Versuchka, Charlotte Moorman, who covered their bodies with earth and paint and chocolate - Greenfield in Element reveals a femaleness both transgressive and erotic. She unites complex associations of death and birth in a daring visceral act as both film-maker and which becomes a rite uniting complex associations of death and birth.

"Forceful originality."
- Christine Temen, Boston Globe

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