Antigone/Rites of Passion

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A feature film starring Bertram Ross, Janet Eilber and Amy Greenfield. Music: Glenn Branca, Diamanda Galas, Paul Lemos, Elliott Sharp and David Van Tieghem. An "emotionally charged feminist take" (The Village Voice) on the daughter of Oedipus. Amy Greenfield takes avant-garde and feminist filmmaking into a new sphere of storytelling.

"Dazzling, demanding, bold, triumphantly ambitious and successful .... Greenfield wisely decided to shoot her film as a silent, allowing her performers complete freedom of movement. ... Greenfield and her cinematographers Hilary Harris (for the natural locations) and Judy Irola (for the architectural settings) keep the camera in perfect, expressive harmony with the performers. ... Add to this spare, off-screen narration spoken by the various characters as they reveal their innermost thoughts. ... Further add the film's astonishing score, a great, richly varied hum and roar and shimmer. ... Through the flawless fusion of all these elements we're able to experience an 'Antigone' as if we had never seen it performed before, an 'Antigone' at once sensual and erotic, timeless and timely, for this film is charged with the tension of viewing Oedipus from his daughters' point of view. ... Inspired." - Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

Exhibition: Berlin Int'l Film Festival, 1990; Houston Int'l Film Festival, 1990.

Selected as eligible for Academy Award nomination, 1991.

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