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Videotape for a Woman and a Man

Camera: Hilary Harris and Pat Saunders. Performers: Ben Dolphin, Amy Greenfield
Premiere: Carnegie Institute

Festival Prize in Video, Atlanta Film/Video Festival
US representative in video, Copenhagen Women's World Congress

" . . . relentlessly examines the possible physical and emotional encounters between a man and a woman . . . the camera eye is, of course, the ultimate voyeur, greedily following and recording every last nuance .. .It is the immediacy of the unforeseen that lends the film its emotional thrust as the unadorned, unimpeded and unrestricted male and female bodies enter into a sensual struggle for self-recognition . . . And through our visual, psychological and kinetic responses, we more than empathize with what unfolds before us. We marvel at and are moved by the poignant spectacle of the human body as an instrument capable of transcending its own reality."
- John Gruen, Dancemagazine