Diffraction Film

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"A light 'trip'; an evocation of the sun as kaleidoscopic father of all vision. Originally premiered as an integral single-screen section of USCO's Hubbub and We Are All One multi-media touring shows." - J.Y.

"The hot eye of diffraction, multiplicity of variables moving out toward clarity and back: 'the light force impulse,' a spurt-valve momentum, full of love's natural forms. Consider what street light, subway lights, signs look like as seen through teleidoscopes cut from diamonds. 'The progression of a trip'; shaken out of whatever you were before; how you going to get back, I mean, you won't be in that same place again, ever wish for and achieve satori, what then? So you come back to the physical, and you're a step further out up And shows what it looks like there." - Carol Bergé, Ikon Magazine.

"This sensuous sea of color, motion, light that seems to surround us completely and we swim in it almost bodily and it is like going through the most fantastic dream." - Jonas Mekas.

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