Some Manipulations

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With Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman, Jean Toche, Steve Rose, and Al Hansen.

A four-screen within one frame film, shot in un-slit regular 8mm, in four sections of four performance / happening / destruction art events presented in 1967 at the Judson Gallery below Washington Square in New York City. The MANIPULATIONS series, curated by the Judson's director Jon Hendricks, was a series of evening performances of actionist art, some directly related to the international Art and Destruction movement.

SOME MANIPULATIONS captures the confrontational light pieces of Jean Toche, an avant garde musical performance by Nam June Paik and cellist Charlotte Moorman, an actionist painting event by Steve Rose, and a classic Dada lecture/performance by Al Hansen.

SOME MANIPULATIONS was premiered in December 1967 as one of the continuous loop elements in Jud Yalkut's DESTRUCT FILM environment, in which spectator/participants were obliged to walk, sit on, and dive into a floor covered with unrolled "junk" 16mm film in order to view the rotating slide and film projections. The film's inclusion represented an instance of ultimate feedback of events back into the space in which they had been presented. DESTRUCT FILM was recreated as an installation section of the "Dream Reels: VideoFilms and Environments by Jud Yalkut" film / video retrospective in November-December 2000 at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. In the words of Whitney curator Chrissie Iles: "The apparatus of cinematic illusion is broken down into its constituent parts- projector, images, film- within a single all-encompassing environment."

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