Dark Dark

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"DARK DARK is a ghost dance of narrative gesture melding four found story fragments: Noir, Western, Romance and Chase. The music of Ennio Morricone provocatively interacts with the images, tantalizing the audience with webs of memory, meaning and elusive folly." AC

DARK DARK travels behind the scenes to re-view storytelling and its place in our cultural movie-influenced milieu. With loving attention to its 'slates' and 'waits,' its anonymous crew and actors, DARK DARK creates a comic but somehow disturbing voyage into the 'story.'

[Child's]...editing slays the syntax bound progression that makes narrative film so dull... The edit is a creative act that makes revisiting the work ever appealing and distinct from meal based media. Bravo! - Willie Le Maitre, Montreal

PREMIERE: at Avantgarde Visions, the New York Film Festival 2001 in "Carnal Ghosts." October 14. European Premiere: Rotterdam International Film Festival 2002. Also selected for Black Maria [Director's Choice Prize]; ArtCite Ottawa; Jerusalem; Osnabruck; Cote Court, Paris; Ann Arbor [Liddell $ Prize]; Images Festival Toronto [Logue $ Prize; Jerusalem Film Festival; Seoul Film and Video Festival; Curtas Metragens Vila do Conde, Portugal; Festival Bologna.

Director/Producer/Editor: Abigail Child; Music: Ennio Morricone; Additional Sound Recording + editing: Abigail Child; Mix Harvestworks; Lab, Cinema Arts. USA 2001

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