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Written by Niccolo Caldararo, Tom Heinz and Martha Singer. Photographed by Ted Miliken and Tom Heinz, edited by Tom Heinz and Ted Miliken. This film concerns a performance of painting ballet of an intersection in San Francisco undertaken by the Goodman Arts Group in 1979 during rush hour traffic. The intersection was at Geary and Van Ness and the ballet began at approximately 6AM and lasted for an hour until approximately 7AM. The artists were dressed in various gard with whiteface and hats, armed with rollers and buckets of poster paint. Thousands of cars were involved tracking paint on road and tires over miles of city scape.

Awards: 1981 Intercom Section, Chicago International Film Festival; 1984 Ente Mostra Cinematografica Internazionale (Italy); 1984 Chico Spring Video Festival; 1984 Cinanima, Festival International de Cinema de Animacao (Portugal); 1985 Film Arts Foundation/San Francisco Chapter American Institute of Architects, Settings Program

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