Stark Film

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

An experimental road film made by collaging translucent media onto the surface of 35mm film leader. The American road holds a place in the collective unconscious of existential angst and personal transformation. Rooted in the literary and film traditions of the highways of the American west, Stark Film explores the subjective experience of the open road. The slow evolution of the landscape and consciousness over long periods of time brings the peripheral vision and attention to the foreground. The expanse of the land is contrast by the frame of the window and the confinement of the car seat. These are visualized through a technique of collage in which bits of 16mm film, leaves, grass, dirt, paint and other translucent media are assembled onto the surface of 35mm film leader. The cramped space of the film frame is related to the cramped space of the car, while a single blade of grass becomes an expansive landscape without end. The subjective tension between the expansive and the cramped spaces leads to an ultimate collision of the physical driver and his reflections.

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16mm film $35.00  

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