Journey, Swiftly Passing

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Endless curves pull the wanderer along a road, bounded on either side by epiphanies and memories, weighted by the gravity of morality. A hand colored, hand processed, optically printed variation on life's journey.

Journey, Swiftly Passing was inspired by my father's death, when I looked back on his life, my life, and the common path of mortality we both shared. The film is a blend of memories of my children when they were very young, epiphanies or moments of revelation I witnessed, Super 8 footage of my parents when they were younger, and footage of my father (age 80) just before he died when he was in a nursing home. Now that I am midlife in my own journey, I often wonder where my path ends and my children's begins, or, for that matter, where my parents' journey ended and mine began. All these paths seem to intercept somewhere in the middle.

My experimental work, in general, is a blend of optical printing, hand coloring and hand processing. I like to think of myself as a "textural colorist," if there is such a word, meaning that I enjoy creating surreal environments using manipulated color and sound that match the texture of the image rather than the content of the image.

Screenings & Awards

* Athens International Film Festival: Athens, OH; April 2001 Prize Winner Experimental Film Category
* Marin County Fair: San Rafael, CA; July 2001 Honorable Mention
* New Jersey International Film Festival, Rutgers University: Newark, NJ; June 2001 Honorable Mention
* California Independent Film & Video Festival; Fine Arts Cinema: Berkeley, CA; September 2001 Best in Festival Award
* Twin Rivers Media Festival: Minden, West Virginia; October 2001 4th Place, Experimental Category
* many more Domestic and International screenings

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