Make Haste, Slowly

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Hand-inked and 16mm re-photography of digital video/video projection

The film#part of an unfolding series#doubles as a text-color/light poem. It also comprises an excerpt from a prose-poetry manuscript: The wind as the waves, themselves, disported, amorphous#tumbling confusion, in brute want and lust, itself aimlessly by: multiple print iterations hand-to-ink-to-leader struck by light (with the exception of a few bits of re-photographed digital video pixel projection backwards# into celluloid).

The film script in prose poetry form:

After night
night, winter and summer storms of torment, the like-arrow stillness of weather fine, their court, without, held interference. Had (listening there any been to listen one), the, from rooms upper empty, the only house chaos gigantic lighting streaked with have, could, heard, been tossing and tumbling: the wind as the waves themselves disported, amorphous, like the bulks whose leviathans are brows pierced by light no reason of; mounted and on one another top and plunged, lunged darkness in the daylight or (night for day and, month year and shapelessly together ran) in games idiot, it, until seemed if as universe#the battling#were tumbling confusion, in brute want and lust itself aimlessly by.

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16mm film $35.00  

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