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A compilation program of films by Taka iimura made in 60s which includes followings: Kuzu(Junk), On Eye Rape, Ai(Love ), and A Dance Party in the Kingdom of Lillliput. "From the early sixties, though Japanese, Iimura was well known as one of the first generation of the New York Underground - for many years, Japanese experimental film was Takahiko Iimura."
- Malcolm Le Grice

"IN Junk surreal imagery is used effectively to dramatize the slow ecological destruction brought about by a wasteful industrialized society."
- Scott MacDonald

"Iimura's Love stands out in its beauty and originality, a film poem, with no usual pseudo-surrealist imagery. LOVE is a poetic and sensuous exploration of the body ... fluid, direct, beautiful."
- Jonas Mekas

"A Dance Party in the Kingdom of Lillliput may well be one of the first 'conceptual' film ever made nywhere in the world. It was a rather slow, but clearly defined daily motions of Kazakura, a mysterious underground figure of Japan."
- Nam June Paik

"A playful irony attenuates and lightens the conceptual weight of Iimura's art, always poised between abstract and concrete, Zen spirituality andtechnology, utmost spareness and complex mechanicalness of seeing."
- Bruno Di Marino

"MA: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji" "Original, personal, disciplined approach to the subject, seeking to convey the aesthetic experience of the artwork and to integrate a philosophical agenda with a visual one. Takes a difficult concept and explore it, making it visual. Very reductive, flat, and simple.

The photographic simplicity gives clarity to what we see, the rigid linear camera movements give us a feel for the dimension of the garden but also flatten space. The aesthetic of the film is the message, it has the quality of experimental film, conceptual film-an artwork itself. Good balance of music/visuals/titles. If not compelling for some viewers as for others, still rated as very effective. Makes one want to visit the actual garden and experience its spiritual energy."

Nadine Covert ed. "Art on Screen, A directory of films and videos about visual arts," Program for Art on Film, New York, 1991

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