Precarious Garden

  • Ernie Gehr |
  • 2004 |
  • 13.5 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"It's easy to lose your footing when you try to keep in time with the dance of Eidolons. Where is everything... exactly? Nearby. Doubled over in laughter silently playing hide and seek with our fingertips. All is relative. Color - spectral. Translucent solidities, wavering balance. Our foundations change pitch, shift and sink, then seconds later run firmly to meet us. Peril impels us towards delight. This film, Precarious Garden, remembers the delicacies of perceptual indecisions and binds them into bouquets of backyard florescence and prismatic spray. "It is as if the soft diaphanous membranes of petals and leaves were the substance of a surrogate mental retina" (Catherine de Zegher). As with Gehr's film Mirage, the terraces and bends of available light traveling through store-bought optics creates a spectacle of uncertainty and splendor. A lesson in survival. A day in the sun."
- Mark McElhatten

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