• Dick Blau |
  • 1986 |
  • 8 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Image/sound: Dawn Wiedemann and Dick Blau; Additional music: Pavel Burda, Joan La Barbara and Yehuda Yannay.

Fairy tales. We improvised them one summer in a woods on the shore of Lake Michigan around an overgrown ruin - a place where mystery seemed to lurk. The original was shot on Super 8 and subsequently altered by means of optical printing. The tales were then woven into one another, sound and image twined together, a dense underbrush filled with little treasures: from sunlit dreams to sullen demons. The effect lies somewhere between kaleidoscope and labyrinth. Twisting and turning through it all are the dozen "stories" that make up the film, stories whose flinting threads both form the larger pattern of the piece and lead to its conclusion.

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