Recent Computer and Digital Works, Ungerer

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DVD compilation of 6 shorts:
* Birds - 2/93 (2 min)
* The Window? (4 min)
* Don't Mind the Man with the Camera (24 min)
* Kingsbury Beach (6 min)
* Untitled 2.1 (10 min)
* The Awakening (10 min)

Walter Ungerer is known for his feature length narrative works of the #70s and #80s such as The Animal and The Winter There Was Very Little Snow; and his more recent computer generated films, Kingsbury Beach and Untitled 2.1 . This collection covers the timeframe when he began working with the Amiga computer, Deluxe Paint and Brilliance software to when he moved to the Macintosh G4 with Photoshop, After Effects, Boris FX and the Media 100; roughly from 1993 to 2002.

Using the Amiga computer a world is created of poetic imagery: animated birds flying about a lone human figure pondering his existence.
1993, 1:58 minutes

An interior space is described as a cell of confinement from the outside world. Only a window offers escape. This is another Amiga computer generated film.
1997, 3:54 minutes

Five individuals are asked questions about where they live and where they would like to live. In the process of giving answers more is revealed about each of them. They are from Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, New York City, and Vermont.
2001, 24:28 minutes

Digital stills and video footage of a child on a beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts are manipulated and obscured to create a nostalgic atmosphere of remembrances. The Amiga computer has now been replaced by the Macintosh. The editing program is the Media 100.
1999, 6:21 minutes

Abstract and recognizable images flow together in conflict and harmony with contrapuntal music effects to create a confrontational atmosphere ending in resolution.
2001, 9:40 minutes

The film parallels the short treatise The Awakening of Faith by Asvaghosha which provides a comprehensive summary of the essentials of Mahayana Buddhism. That treatise discusses the question of how man can transcend his finite state and participate in the life of the infinite while still remaining in the midst of the phenome
2002, 9:45 minutes

2005, 61 minutes, $20.00 home use; $220.00 institutional use

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