Cycles 1

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A hand-made film of a circular form which fluctuates through rhythms of light and sound.

"Cycles 1 is made by sticking paper dots onto the surface of the film and to its (optical) sound track. On projection these separate instants are converted simultaneously into picture and sound. The gaps between the dots gradually decrease until a fusion of the material occurs; the separate image-moments coalesce into a pulsating ball of light; simultaneously we hear rhythmic sounds fusing into a continuous rising drone.

These transformations are taking place in our perceptual systems; if we examine the physical strip of film, no such change is seen. Apparently we register time through our optical and our aural senses in very different ways, one chemical, the other mechanical. Visual information can only be 'processed' at a maximum of 12 separate samples (frames) per second, whereas with sound our sensitivity is greater, up to 30 per second. Below these frequencies we can distinguish separate moments in time, above them we can't."
-- G.S.

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