Guy Sherwin

My formative period was first as a painter at Chelsea School of Art, London, in the late sixties, then at the London Film-Makers Co-operative in the mid seventies where I developed my interest in the forms and structures of film. At the LFMC I helped run the workshop and gave instruction in the use of the 16mm printing and processing machines.

Over time the work has taken many forms: b/w silent films (*Short Film Series *1975-1998, *Animal Studies* 1998-2003), live performances with film (*Paper Landscape* 1975, *Man with Mirror* 1976), hand-made optical soundtracks (*Cycles #3* 1972/2003, *Railings *1977), lyrical, part-autobiographical films (Messages 1981-3, Views from Home 1987/2005) and gallery installations (*Three Trees* 2003, *Clock Screen* 2007).

Recent work with my partner Lynn Loo uses multiple projectors, with optical sound mixed live during performance (*Sound Cuts* 2007, *Mobius Loops*2007). In the last few years we have shown these programmes of live cinema at venues in Europe, North America, Australia/New Zealand and Asia.

A dvd/book *Guy Sherwin: Optical Sound Films 1971-2007* was published by LUX London in 2008.

A dvd/booklet *Guy Sherwin: Messages* was published by LUX London in 2010.


Canon (2000)
Da Capo (2000)
Flight (1998)
Prelude (1996)
Messages (1983)
Connemara (1980)
Cycles 1 (1977)
Newsprint (1972)