Short Film Series

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"... Guy Sherwin's SHORT FILM SERIES which he undertook between 1976 and 1980. Eventually he issued about thirty of them. Some are single studies of light, focused on the reflections in an eye shot in close-up. Others are domestic, as in the PORTRAIT WITH PARENTS or BREATHING .... Many deal with two rates of time measurement, as in CLOCK AND CANDLE, or construct visual paradoxes, as in the shuddering stasis of METRONOME - an illusion caused by the clash between the spring-wound mechanisms of the Bolex camera and of the metronome itself. In BARN DOOR the semi-strobe effect of light pulsations flattens the distant landscape. ... Interestingly, Sherwin has recently returned to the series after almost twenty years, with studies of animals and insects which in part recall the fascination with the 'invisible' side of nature felt by the surrealists, and seen in the scientific writing of Roger Caillois and the films of Jean Painleve during the 1930s. ..."
- A.L. Rees, A History of Experimental Film and Video, pp. 81-82

Reel includes the following titles:

1. Eye (1978)
2. Tap (1978)
3. Cat (1977-1978)
4. Cycle (1978)
5. Breathing (1978)
6. Metronome (1978)
7. Portrait with Parents (1975)
8. Tree Reflection (1997-1998)
9. Candle & Clock (1978)
10. Maya (1978)
11. Barn (1978)

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