Arnulf Rainer--35mm

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"He has even created a film (called ARNULF RAINER) whose images can no more be 'turned off' by the closing of eyes than can the soundtrack thereof it (for it is composed entirely of white frame rhythming thru black inter-spaces and of such an intensity as to create its pattern straight thru closed eyelids) so that the whole 'mix' of the audio-visual experience is clearly 'in the head,' so to speak: and if one looks at it openly, one can see one's own eye cells as if projected onto the screen and can watch one's optic physiology activated by the sound track in what is, surely, the most basic Dance of Life of all (for the sounds of the film do resemble and, thus, prompt the inner-ear's hearing of its own pulse output at intake of sound).

"These films must, very truly, be seen and very truly seen and heard to be believed!" - Stan Brakhage

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