Milk and Honey

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Music: Brant Bjork, Dan Delboy Sound Design: George Lockwood

Time manipulation and animation layering techniques quietly compose this meditation on solitude in Los Angeles.

"When I work with film I play with light and time, rhythm and shadow. I started to shoot Milk and Honey and I knew I had begun to capture moments that could transport the viewer between worlds of light and shadow to a place of tangible nostalgia.

Essentially the film is a record of how secluded one can become in California or anywhere else. In Los Angeles people come to live their dreams and as a result dreams are more real there. Yet human connectedness is different in parts, the sprawl and the automobile seem to take us further away from each other than before. Moving to Los Angeles seemed to me like traveling to a remote planet and we were astronauts hovering within its borders isolated in a strange sanctuary. Milk and Honey allows you to drift into that twilight world and dream of home."

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16mm film $68.00  

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