Ber-Lin 99/00

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A journey through the urban landscape of Berlin follows the seam of the formerly segregated city, a boundary still clearly visible 10 years after the fall of the wall. With an evenly alternating view to the East and to the West this seam is stitched together by the kinetic energy of the medium film.
Visually, the speed of image change is preventing our habit of fixing images, thus challenging the boundaries of our perception and, at the same time, creating space for a more subliminal absorption of what can, or seemingly can't, be seen.

The sound reinforces another aspect of the film, the rhythmically more irregular but continuous mutation, growth and decline of a city.

"Berlin, a city that was nearly levelled during World War II and divided between East and West for four decades, is subject of André Lehmann#s impressive structural film BER-LIN 99/00. Tracing the former line of the wall, Lehmann#s rigorous study of the city#s neighbourhoods
( architecture, bridges, billboards, graffiti, parks ) is set to a fixed rhythm, suggesting the forward march of time." --Susan Oxtoby, Toronto Film Festival 2004

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