Ruby Skin

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A found footage film that taps into the poetic tradition of the language cut-up, while taking filmic advantage of the 26 frame displacement between sound and image inherent to 16mm. film#s optical soundtrack system. Cut into tiny fragments of as little as 4-frame utterances, the language track reshuffles the narration and is off beat with its imagery, moving the mind to scramble and play, or give up making sense. The magenta-shifted fragments of an educational film on #Reaching Your Reader# reveal their chemistry where the splicing tape pulled away a #ruby# skin of the emulsion, leaving a green tear at the edit points. #Ruby Skin# is a material homage to the disappearing medium of 16mm. film and some of it idiosyncrasies.

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16mm film $40.00  

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