Tyler Turkle: Films and Videos 1973-2012 - including: Harry Crews - Survival is Triumph Enough, Smokey Wears Pantyhose, Walk That Dog, Observeillance, Excess, Black Noise, and Fast Moving Pictures, The Last Days of Eddie Marsicano, and more...

  • Tyler Turkle |
  • 1973-2008 |
  • 192 minutes |
  • COLOR/B&W |
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3 Volume DVD Set

Volume One: 16mm Films

Spider 71-50
Strange assembly of stark and nearly surreal images tell the tale of life and death as seen through the eyes of an observer and eventually the subject himself - a blind man in a wheelchair. The film relies on a number of cinematic devices to bring into focus the trials and tribulations of being out on the streets, alone and handicapped. The result is a striking visual narrative of how people view those among us who are "different." We believe we can see them but they can't see us. Or can they?
1973, 5 Min. Featuring Spider Jackson with Bob Searles and Sally Searles

Smokey Wears Pantyhose
Fast-paced film works its way through American culture in a crazy quilt of images and wild sounds including truckers' CB radio banter and arcade machine gun fire. A theme of give and take is established as a young man tries to get rid of a coconut head, visits a carnival peep show, dances and twirls batons with a dog, and finally hops a truck to somewhere.
1974, 9 min. Featuring Bob Searles, Sally Searles, I.B. Remsen, Linda Swick, Kon Petrochuk, Ted Turkle, Ann Turkle, Ian Turkle and Marsha Pomeroy

Walk That Dog
A chance meeting between the artist, ten young boys, and Duncan yoyo champion Lance Lynch. A drugstore parking lot provides the substance for this rambling and anarchic filmed interview that at once parodies "man on the street" television interviews while introducing and sustaining an unusual but deliberate verité technique on its own.
1974, 15 min. Featuring Lance Lynch with Linda Swick, Kon Petrochuk, John Arnsby and Greg Hoey

A lyrical tour guide Tommy (Hawk) Jackson takes the viewer on a trip down the Wakulla River in North Florida. Although the camera remains relentlessly fixed on him, his vivid, near-musical descriptions of Southern flora, fauna, and wildlife give a better view of things than total visual mobility ever could allow.
1975, 3 min. Featuring Tommy Jackson with Jack Mims and Lisa Williams

A peculiar homage to the things that go wrong, this film is purportedly about rugby. The self-explanatory title for this jumpy "documentary" is less concerned with the filmed subject (the game, the field, the players) than a comic editing style and the complete acknowledgment given to the technical aspect of gathering and manipulating raw footage.
1976, 3 min. Featuring Jerry Draper with Bob McDaris and Anne Draper

A Quiet Afternoon with Strangers
"A 'silent' interview, QUIET AFTERNOON is the most strange and moving of Turkle's films, documenting the year-round garage sale of an eccentric, elderly Ohio couple. The omission of sound and the focused, grainy attention of their legacy of bric-a-brac, discarded appliances
and collected curiosities adds greatly to the film's ultimate emotional effect." - Frank Young, Florida Flambeau
1977, 8 min. Featuring Herb Dugan with Kon Petrochuk and Linda Swick

Lincoln Logs for Jesus
"Playing on all of Tyler Turkle's previous interview films, accelerating and violating their stylistics, LINCOLN LOGS FOR JESUS is a nearly Cubist look at the world. A fast-paced consumer jaunt, almost ritual in nature, winds its way through flashes, repetition, swift cuts, and the reverse switch for an edgy, jarring continuity." - Steve Dollar, Media X
1978, 4 min. With Anthony LaMolinara

Excess, Black Noise, and Fast Moving Pictures
Seventy seconds of furiously energetic filmmaking in which all of the possible pauses in visual
and aural activity have been removed. What is left when all of the fat has been trimmed? Monkeys with diamond studded collars, killer fish and a parade of incongruous images, statements, questions, and answers guided to an exciting climax by a storefront dummy who
takes over the interviewing chores midway through the film. "The central idea of Turkle's interview films involves getting around the images that block perception. The film tricks the images or somehow pushes them toward a deliberate selfconsciousness, while simultaneously encouraging their chance or found condition. The processes of chance and deliberation combine to produce works of gentle beauty and profound, acerbic wit. Altogether the effects of these films is that of sentiment moved to the power of scrutiny." - Richard Milazzo, Artmode 1981, 2 min. Featuring Forrest Barber

Volume Two: Videos

The Last Days of Eddie Marsicano
Stricken with a rare and deadly type of cancer, writer, teacher, and humorist Edward Marsicano was told he didn't have long to live. This fast-paced and upbeat video tape documents Marsicano's final comments, anecdotes, barbs, and opinions about himself and the world he has known. "Ed holds forth on everything from microwaved bacon to literature to Richard Nixon to Elvis to those fuzzy covers people put on the back part of their toilets. These are moments of hilarious gallows humor! This definitely isn't your run-of-the-mill, sentimentalized, guilt-inducing cancer flick." - Mark Hinson, Tallahassee Democrat. In one of Marsicano's last telephone conversations he sums up his attitude toward his own death by telling a friend.... "When God calls I hope not to be here!"
1994, 26 min. Featuring Edward Marsicano with Lane Turkle

Seminoles, Alligators, and Football Players
(A Florida Rivalry)
Born and bred in the deep South, the football rivalry between Florida State University (Seminoles) and the University of Florida (Gators) has roots so old it is hard to tell exactly when
and where it began. The great history of that rivalry is now revealed and elaborated on as fans and supporters of Florida State University express themselves in a wild and vivid celebration of school spirit. This thirty minute video is a kitchen sink of satire, parody and social
commentary packed with fast-moving and informative interviews, t.v. preaching, alligator wrestling, stuffed animals, fight songs, blood hounds and chitlin' eating.
2003, 32 min.Featuring Scott Carswell, Diane Roberts, Charlotte Williams, Mark Hinson, Wes Singletary, Gerald Ensley, Bill Stone, Owen Goodwyne, Danica Winter, Jim Jones, Tricia Collins, Jane Anhold, Jack Wingate, Darell Mudra, Gary White and Pete Winter.

Volume Three: Video

All in My Background
After thirty-two years, forgotten film footage resurfaces to provide a unique look at the past from a contemporary point of view. The film was shot by the filmmaker in 1974 and the subject is a sculpture installation "All in My Background" by Florida artist Jim Roche at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City. Jump to January 2006 and Roche sees the footage for the first time. His reaction informs the viewer about the installation and what it all means, then and now. The video includes the artist's original and very persuasive 1973 audio proposal to the Whitney Museum curator who chose to proceed with this extraordinary exhibition.
2006, 19 min. Featuring Jim Roche and Pete Winter

Harry Crews - Survival is Triumph Enough
This powerful documentary presents the hardships, tragedy and loss suffered by the prolific Southern writer and novelist Harry Crews. The author's state of mind is revealed in a rapid-fire
and startling narrative of emotional and physical pain and suffering. From his home in Gainesville, Florida, Crews provides details of his near-fatal childhood coupled with stark tales of
his adult alcoholism and drug abuse and the tragic, accidental drowning of his first born son. Throughout, Crews remains as tough as nails in his delivery of personal experiences and exploits which he sums up by quoting Mark Twain: "I have reached the age of seventy by strictly following a regime that would have killed anybody else."
2007, 30 min. Featuring Harry Crews with Don Haseldon, Eugenia Gaskin and Pete Winter.

State of Snakes (Another Florida Rivalry)
Chapters 1,2,3
State of Snakes is a three part (so far) political serial that focuses on the rivalry between Democrats and Republicans. Like Turkle's other rivalry project, "Seminoles, Alligators,
and Football Players (A Florida Rivalry)," State of Snakes captures the special opinions of Floridians who aren't afraid to express themselves. Democrats strike, strike and strike again as everyone from George Bush and Dick Cheney to Jeb Bush and Joe the Plumber get fully fanged in a frenzy of reptiles, opinions, and hatchet throwing. The Grand Old Party can't slither out of this feast of snakes.
2008, 8 min. Featuring Diane Roberts, Jim Roche, C.W. Pigbroker and William B. Stone

Scientific American
Scientific American is the result of thirty-five years (1977-2012) of documentary research conducted throughout North Florida and South Georgia by Director Tyler Turkle and Producer Pete Winter. The filmmakers set out to record day-to-day activities of the Deep South that might reveal a pattern of cultural behavior. Scenes of everyday occurrences populate the film including a kissing donkey, a chitlin eating contest at the Swine Time Festival in Climax, Georgia, a Tallahassee preacher sermonizing on television, a middle-aged man picking pecans from high in the tree tops and finally local experts handling Eastern Diamond Back rattlesnakes at the Rattlesnake Roundup in Whigham, Georgia. A series of spoken narratives wind their way through the film via a fast car ride along dirt roads and the whole thing is glued together by face-paced editing which moves the #story# along in under thirty minutes. Everything you see is real and presented without a scripted storyline. The final scene of a sightless street musician singing 'The Old Rugged Cross' was filmed in front of the Florida Supreme Court building in 1977 by Academy Award winner Anthony LaMolinara ( Visual Effects - SpiderMan 2, 2004 ).
2012, 28 min. Featuring: Johnnie Mitchell, Alfreda Mitchell, Jack Wingate and Rev. F.S. Green with narration by Tricia Collins, Burt Cox and Julia Thigpen. Footage from "GOD" (1977) courtesy of Anthony LaMolinara

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