Fluxus Replayed

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Destroying a violin by Nam June Paik, and rolling up with bandage all over the body of the players in a concert by Yoko Ono, with such radical actions Fluxus (an art group organized by George Maciunas) shocked not only art world, but also a society at large. A historical document of international avant-garde group, Fluxus performances in New York, 1991, which reproduced the performances in early 1960s, an origin of art-performance, with the works of the main artists: Nam June Paik, Yoko Ono, Dick Higgins, George Brecht, Allison Knowles, Ben Patterson, Jackson Mac Low and Emmett Williams. (T. I.)

"Taka Iimura is a senior figure among contemporary Japanese artists and has been working with film, sound and video since the 1960s. He was one of several Japanese who, coming from a 20th Century tradition of avant-garde intervention,1 contributed to the Fluxus group in the 60s. Like many media artists, Iimura made recordings of contemporaries and their work. Alongside his film and video artworks, (the video Observer/Observed reviewed in Leonardo 35.1), portable video enabled documentation, (and general note making), more economically than film. As the cycle of experimentation moves through another generation, glimpses of precursors through archive recordings of this kind help ground artists surviving words and artworks".
- Mike Leggett, Leonardo Digital Reviews, MIT Press

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