AIUEO NN Six Features (plus Additional Versions)

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"Interactive: A I U E O NN Six Features", a new CD-ROM, has been developed from the video "A I U E O NN Six Features" (1993) by adding the interactivity to the video while retaining its basic character. Six exaggerated faces were originally created to animate the Japanese vowels, A I U E O and an extra NN, using computer hardware and software on "System G" by Sony.

"This is the game that Iimura plays, not only in the installation of the same name, but also again with this CD-ROM. The 'difference' is for him an example of multiculturalism, a connection of unity in diversity, in which Iimura plays with the expressive and indicative function of a sign, in sound and in image" World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam, 1998

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