Four Short Films (with Liquid Interlude) Colin Barton--Skull For You, Side Show of the Damned (preview trailer); Part 2; Skull Two You!

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"Four Short Films" are four previously unreleased films all originally generated in 35mm. They are: "Skull For You!#, "Side Show of the Damned (preview trailer)", "Part2", and "Skull Two You!", these "Four Short Films" were completed between 9/92 # 9/97.


A vindictive gun-wielding Skull battles his way though a collaged landscape of Hollywood films.
Side Show of the Damned (preview trailer) (1994)

This film was made as a preview trailer for a multi-media performance show held at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA. This "trailer" was exclusively shown in its original 35mm hand collaged state before the feature attractions for three months prior to the performance show. Audiences up to 500 people were subject to this pirate projection, confusing and bewildering many. This concept of "preview trailer as original art" caused a stir in the local film going community.
PART 2 (1994-1999)

Sound by Aki and Colin

"Part 2" is the "That's Entertainment, Part 2" preview trailer dissected and re-interpreted.
SKULL TWO YOU! (1994-1997)

The sequel to "SKULL FOR YOU!". Coming from a childhood background directly affected by HBO and cable TV, "SKULL TWO YOU!" is a further social commentary on violence in cinema and a meditation on the female role in modern cinema. A reactionary regurgitation of pop culture, and a personal account of how youth is affected by violence in cinema. The images retain as memories in a disjointed childhood. The film lives in the time of a falling woman and what flashes to her on the way down.

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