Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Errata is an animation made by photocopying copies of copies. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, each successive copy becomes a frame of animation, meaning that each on-screen image is a copy of the last. All movements, pans and zooms in the film were accomplished using standard zoom and shrink features on copy machines; the animation camera used to shoot the copies onto 16mm film was not used to manipulate or direct the film's motion. Comprising thousands of copies made on a dozen copiers, the resulting imagery is a moving Rorschach test of analog textures, bleeding ink spots and pareidolic cloud formations.

"[Errata] is the perfect illustration of the sublime power of animation as a process of bringing nothingness to life... The film brings to life the forgotten, the unnoticed, and the accidental - and beautifully illustrates the notion of the trace."
- Michelle Puetz, University of Chicago

"[Errata] marvelously shows how a simple device - a photocopy machine and endless reams of paper - can result in magic. By copying copies, one generation after the next, the latent marks and smudges take on a life of their own. Their shapes grow heavy or fade as quickly as they appear, but what is most striking is their movement - liquid, intense and entirely unpredictable. Errata shows us the shadowed footprints of the ghost in the machine."
- Genevieve Yue, Senses of Cinema

Festivals: Ann Arbor, Onion City, Chicago Underground, TIE, Rotterdam, Tribeca Film Festival, Interval(2), VideoEx.

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