Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

Rental Format(s): 35mm film

Walking down the street unwittingly, the protagonist suddenly realizes he is not only subject to the gruesome moods of several spectators, but is also at the mercy of the filmmaker. Although he defends himself heroically, he is ultimately condemned to the gallows where he dies a cinematic death through a tearing of the film strip. He descends into Hades, the realm of shades. Here he encounters a host of printing instructions, the technical means whereby every filmic image is made possible.

In other words, our hero is confronted with the conditions of his own possibility, the conditions of his very existence as a filmic shade.

Gran Premio Experimental at Vila do Conde 2005 (Portugal)
Gecko Jury Award at CinemaTexas 2005 (USA)
Main Award of the Festival at 25fps Zagreb (Croatia)
Mention Sp├ęciale du Jury at Clermont-Ferrant 2006 (France)
Director's Choice Award at Black Maria Film and Video Festival 2006 (USA)
Honorable Mention at Media City, Windsor 2006 (Canada)
Grand Prix at Holland Animation Film Festival 2006

35mm Cinemascope.

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